Tenant suspected of sub-letting

Hi Community, I have been tipped off by a neighbour that that the flat I let to a single tenant is being let out to short-stay visitors when my tenant is not resident. A key safe has even been fitted to the outside of the building.

This IMO contravenes our contract we signed through OpenRent. May I ask the community what my best course of action is to remove my tenant from the property? My initial thinking is to formally serve the tenant 2-months’ notice as per the contract.

Thank you and happy new year!

You better gather evidence first. Can you find it advertised on Airbnb or similar?

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Yes I would serve s21 now if you are able. You are probably in breach of lease/mortgage/insurance and possibly local planning regs by allowing it to continue.

Hello Marc,
Initially invite your tenant for a chat, explain the situation you are in and ask how we can put this right?
That way don’t speak too much let tenant do the talking to begin with.

Write down before hand any likely responses and how you can manage them. Remain calm and I do hope you can come to a win win solution.

To start with to gain your tenants trust back would be ideal.
Or have they crossed the line, they will talk themselves into a hole so keep your talking to a minimum.
Nobody listened themselves out of a tenancy!

Thank you, Sue17. Wise counsel.

Thanks Graham. It’s been evidenced now.