Tenant doesn't respond to us

We have a one bedroom flat that we rented out.
We initially rented it on February 2021 for one year to a student who paid the full rent in advance. ( We let the flat through an Estate Agency)
Then again in February 2022 we asked him if he wants to renew the rent for another year with a full year rent payment in advance and he agreed to. He signed the contract and was supposed to pay the rent to the agency so that the agency transfers it to us.
However, he only transferred the rent for 6 months and then when the agency tried to contact him for the rest of the payment, they could not reach him. His phone number was not reachable anymore and the emails sent out to him were all bouncing back.

We tried to contact him as well however we were not successful. Both the agency and us went to the flat couple of times but no one opened the door. Both the agency and us sent him letters as well but we have not heard anything back from him.

The new tenancy agreement started on 9th February 2022 for a year with six-month break. Either party need to give two months notice.

Now we are wondering what should we do? As he is not responding to any communication we think it would be safer for us to give him notice. But what happens if he doesn’t answer to our notice?
Any advise would be appreciated.

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Serve notice in line with the break clause. Also serve a 24 hour notice to inspect. If he doesnt refuse access or bar your entry then you can let yourself in with your own keys.

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david is right, maybe make it important like an electrical check to comply with legal requirements just go and look under the sink you will usually get a earth wire clipped on the pipework under there.
dont be specific on time just say morning or afternoon. the tenant probably has something to hide, cannibis growing, sub letting, maybe some damage or it can be the old fortress mentality. i have one guy like that i just tell him what i will be doing and he goes and holes up in the bedroom and pretends he is ill.
you must see everywhere tho, no response is a red flag and you need to protect your property. know the law and work around it, if you are nervous take a witness