Subletting to family ( no rent fee)

Would it be legal for my daughter to rent a house and pay for it every month and let us (parents ) live in it .we do child care for her and she’s willing to rent us a house to live in .cause I’m self employed and I don’t use an accountant it’s hard to verify my income .she has a really good job and owns her own house .we could use her as a guarantor but we don’t even get that chance to explain to letting agents .

Most landlords won’t allow subletting and mortgage companies don’t normally allow them to if there is a mortgage involved…

I would have thought using her as a guarantor would be best option, although you could potentially do it on a joint tenant basis with you, your wife and daughter as joint tenants and your daughter just doesn’t live there as there is no requirement for all tenants to live there.

Mostly deal through letting agencies and don’t think they tell the landlord that option for us (guarantor) .if we deal with the landlord it would be easier to explain.

You could all do a joint tenancy and she wouldn’t have to then live there.

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