Renting as a couple

Hello I just wanted to ask what would the difficulties be (if any) as a couple renting a flat where one is a student and one is professional? I am in my final year of university and my boyfriend is working and we are thinking of moving in together. Has anyone else done this before and know what it will be like to go through that process ? Thank you

You will have to pay council tax with 25% discount for single occupancy
Student is exempt
Professional will be classed as single occupant
As long as you take that on board most landlords don’t mind

Thank you. What about guarantors etc? He can’t have a guarantor because he is not a UK national but does work so would we need to pay more up front?

Do you have a guarantor?
Paying more up front is at the discretion of the Landlord

Yes I have a guarantor and I always have a job during studies as well to help pay for everything plus my loan. Just want to know what the stumbling blocks will be if we decide to do it.