Suspicious Tennant Request

So I just had a tenant request that reads like this below they only registered there about 8 hours ago so suspect it’s a scam…anyone else had a request like this?

We’re under contract to locate suitable properties to fulfill a housing mandate for the Ministry of Justice (MOJ). The lease agreement would be established directly with us, providing a dependable and secure rental income stream for you.

To reassure you further, our rental payments are government-backed, ensuring their reliability and promptness. We’re aiming for a 5-year lease, offering you the added benefit of stability and peace of mind over an extended period.

If you have any more questions, feel free to drop a line. We’d love to arrange a viewing and discuss this further. Happy to discuss further and clarify any details over the phone as we

Curious as to what this is.

Maybe ask for some initial documents to prove who they are before the viewing?

We had them contacting us years ago. Then the woman, managing the letting, viewed it and said that the parking was inadequate and they wouldn’t be able to take the place.

It may not be a scam, but I still wouldnt touch it as its rent to rent.

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It was to do with the Ministry of Justice …I don’t want an ex convict staying in my house


Do not get involved with this. There are companies that do this but you end up being responsible for running an HMO you cannot control. The implications are not good.

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