Taking deposit money after let agreed

I got an email last night asking me to pay the holding deposit to show interest in a property.
I did I received a msg fm the landlord this morning telling me a let has been agreed before I paid the money and property is not available.
Openrent must have known this as u advertise it so took my money under false pretence.
Now keep getting told to wait for landlord to contact me, she has, how many emails do I send to get you to understand 5 so far, same response ask the landlord
I can’t find a cancel request the links I have been sent take me to site where I contact the landlord.
Not good money now before I hit social media about all this taking money under false pretence

Hi @Iain6 - If you’re logged into your OpenRent account and go here:

You will see a button “My Tenancies”, if you click on that it will take you to the page that shows your holding deposit has been placed on a particular property. You can also get to this page from the property advert itself.

From that page you can see there is a button called “Cancel Options”. You can retract your offer and cancel the application there by clicking the button.

As It stands - this landlord has not told us the property is let. If they have told you something different, you can report the advert to us from the advert page and we’ll also investigate that.


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