A company will pay rent?

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A prospective tenant says the company they work for would pay the rent - is this a considered a disadvantage to a landlord ? I’m imagining if there are problems, chasing a company could get tricky being passed around to different departments ?

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do not do it . Does he/she mean the probation office will pay? Not as stupid as it sounds

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Messy contracts. Higher risk. I wouldn’t do this.

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Need a bit more information. If this is a genuine employee who has been relocated for work it is very different from a company let. it may turn out that you rent to the employee however the guarantor is his employer company. In which case check out the employer as well as the tenant. If is is a let to a business give it a miss.


Depends if you use an agent or not. Often the agent is working more for the company than they are for you as the company is a big recurring client for the agency and you are just a landlord. I used to rent to Bentley, it was an OK arrangement but this was pre-internet and I was using an Agent, but as usual the agent was horribly conflicted because they introduced Bentley to me (because mine was the only house around that price in good enough condition for the German engineers!) and had several assignments for Bentley, but they were in essence getting paid by me. Hence they were normally on Bentley’s side and did a really bad job getting me the best possible rent, in fact they were more interested in negotiating me down!

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@lucinda5 This is what we are doing with an employee brought over from South Africa so has no UK credit history. The employer, well known locally as a local businessperson, pays his rent and is guarantor too. We credit checked him and he sailed through referencing. We wouldn’t have got involved if it were a company let rather than standard tenancy.

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