Tenancy surrender e-mail from Tenant

Hi All;
Newbie here.
My tenant has given a month notice to vacate the property ( via e-mail) - hope thats ok legally.

I wanted to know if I need to reply to her in some specific format accepting her notice whilst ensuring its done in the right way (Legally correct way)

  1. Can I readvertise the property now?
  2. Ensure she vacates it on the set day agreed between us.
  3. Carry out the End of tenancy inspection etc…
    Any advise would be appreciated
  1. yes but she does not have to give access for viewings. that is her choice
  2. Email to confirm and date of exit inventory
  3. Email terms and conditions of contract regarding cleaning house and the condition if should be provided with and the incoming inventory so she can clean
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Thanks for your response. Appreciate it.
So I do not need to give her any letter etc.- an e-mail should suffice

yes email should suffice
Btw i assume this is an amicable relationship and you do not need to serve eviction documents
If that is the case then an s21 notice would be required

Email is only valid if you have made it so explicitly in your TA. However, you can make it valid by responding in writing accepting it.

Yes- its amicable and she has sent me an e-mail notice to terminate contract just outside the 6 month term. So contract is on a rolling basis. I will ask her to pay me for the 15 days and then refund her the deposit if condition of property is as required.

Yes- email from a specific e-mail to my specific email is specified in the contract.
So thats fine now I suppose.

Yes, it should be. Write and confirm acceptance anyway.

Why not charge for the month and credit her afterwards, just in case it slips or something else?

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