Tenant backing off after signing contract and before moving in


We had a viewing and tenant has signed the contract but now trying to backoff saying she can’t pay the deposit and rent on time before the set move in date? She has paid a holding deposit so not sure if we get any claims on it. She already wasted 15 days messing about. Anyone seen these sort of behavior and how best to handle it?


I can see one of the team have touched base and offered guidance here in response to your email.

Any further questions, do let us know.


Hi George,
We have the same issue. Could you please offer some guidance especially on whether we can charge tenant for wasting our time, etc.? And will I be able to put the advert again for free on OpenRent website?

Been there done that - got the T Shirt! Landlord keeps the deposit, less any referencing fees. OpenRent re-list for free!