Tenant credit checks

tenant credit checks - my letting agent informed me that they will not share the credit check report of tenant with me note show me the details is this correct ?

As landlord we are liable to ensure we have checked the right to rent and proper credit check before tenancy starts. I paid for the check through the full
Management package no feel let down as I don’t get the see the details of the credit check to assess worthiness Of the potential tenant

right or not I would want to see the details .I will not trust an agent to tell the truth They are on a fee , more important to them than you are. Do a credit report yourself and you will learn more


That is very odd. Must be an issue. Tell them you want your money back and get another agent. This is indicative of a bad agency.


I’m going to clarify and agree with both comments thus Far

Agents often claim this is due to gdpr but its not true. See here:

Thank you so much , fantastic

I made it clear to my letting agent that I wanted to see the report. It was eventually agreed, since I am self-managing the property.


Absolutely right. your place ,your decision to let or not

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Often the report is not very specific it just says yes or know for a value. As a point of principle I think you should be allowed to see it (even if you go into the agent office to view) however I don’t think it will give the level of detail you might like.


Hi Anne

thanks, when you say self managing do you mean you do not use an agent to do management ?

Hello Narinder, yes, I manage all my properties myself. I find it cost-effective, and I do a much better job than agents LOL!!!