Tenant Fee Ban - Wales

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No Max deposit in Wales ! so can take extra for pets. ;-)))

Although there is no cap set yet, the Act says there will be a cap set in future regulations, and it’s likely that it will be similar to the English cap. Will update on this as things develop…

Wales have said that they don’t want to discriminate against people with pets, hence not falling in line with England’s deposit limit. Have Openrent introduced a different rule for those properties in Wales as last time it was aligned with England based in the assumption that it would be the same?

No, Wales Doesn’t say there ‘WILL’ be a cap set in the future.

  It says the legislation allows for a provision for one to be set

( that is quite different )

  One would expect that if the Weslsh Govt see an abuse of the

deposit cap, they may well impose a cap.

  ( But lets not forget, that either Not imposing a cap, or if a

cap is imposed, making it significantly larger than 5 weeks -
actually can Help tenants with pets. It is a tenants choice to own
and financially keep a pet that costs them money and potentially
limits their rental provision )

Hi Andrew, we have made the same rules that apply in England now apply to Wales, too.

We do expect that some cap will be brought in at some point. But we also think that the new rules in England are a good benchmark of fair treatment to tenants. We think OpenRent has worked well for tenants in England since 1st June and do not want tenants in Wales to have a worse experience of letting with us than those in England.


Thanks for replying Sam but the rules are different in Wales and England regarding deposits. Do you have all of the same rules for Scotland as well?
English landlords are upping the rent for those tenants with pets, those tenants will never get that money back even if their pet doesn’t cause any damage. Or they are just plain not allowing pets which makes it even more difficult for them.
I don’t think that’s fair on those tenants do you?
Wales have enabled the landlord to take a higher deposit to allow for just such an occasion.
I could charge extra rent as in England but the reason I would have to give is because of Openrent’s restrictions, not that I am restricted by the deposit cap.