Pay holding deposit / deposit from India

Hi @Rohit5 - I’m afraid as per our guidance on site, we do currently require a UK phone number to request a viewing with OpenRent, and a UK debit card to place a holding deposit with us.

This is both for the security of our systems and landlords (reduced fraud), but also because when requesting to place a holding deposit, you are committing to the property, and we want to ensure you’ve visited it. Renting a property having not visited, or evening being in the country, is not advisable.

If you are new to the UK, there are banks available that are much easier to get set up with - we’d suggest looking into this if you have not already:

If you aren’t in the UK yet, then I’m afraid we’re sorry we can’t help further on this. It’s also worth pointing out that passing a tenant reference from abroad and without a UK bank account will be much more difficult, if not impossible, so it’s worth explaining your situation to the landlord to confirm they understand the situation fully. If so - they may be able to accommodate your request directly.

Failing that, a very common path for people moving to the UK from abroad is to find very short term accommodation for when you arrive, and have viewings ready to go when arrive, so you can visit properties and make sure you’re happy to commit to a long term contract. You should be able to set up a bank account, UK number, etc in the meantime. Good luck in your search!