Tenant Illness and can not pay rent


I have a tenant who is seriously ill in hospital and he can not pay his rent however his teenage children are still living in the property. I do not want to evict them for none payment but I can not afford to cover the mortgage for too long.
Does anyone have any suggestions on possible solutions? It is early days but I was wondering if I can put something in place to help him and myself, just in case


You don’t say how old his children are, but you may need to alert social services to the matter if they are under 18. They, and or the children may be able to help him make a benefits claim to pay the rent.

Find out what he is entitled to benefit wise so you can perhaps offer him some advice as quite possibly he won’t be able to do all this if he’s unwell. You need to inform yourself of the law just as you do in all other areas of letting.