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Hi I have a tenant who has asked me to supply a ladder so he can clean the windows to the first floor. I am reticent to do so as I feel I may be liable if there is an accident. Anyone have a view? A similar circumstance? He can of course find himself a window cleaner.!

Hi Colin,
In return for your help you are welcome to my viewpoint, which is all I have to offer as not been in a similar circumstance.
I assume he wants to clean the outside of the windows and wants an occasional loan of a ladder. Although I don’t suppose that really makes any difference. I think it’s his responsibility to maintain the house. Isn’t that the same as asking you to supply/loan a hoover so he can vacuum the carpets or a mop and bucket so he can clean the kitchen floor?
It’s great he wants to do it, but I would agree with you that we have to cover our backs at every step and would share your concerns that if he fell off said ladder, it would be your ladders fault, rather than his! You could tell him that if he fell off your ladder you could potentially be held liable and it’s not a risk you are willing to take.

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I have bought - you might suggest he buys or you could provide an extending window cleaning set - a pole, complete with squeege and wiper blade for about £12 - from Amazon, Ebay or similar online shops?

I definitely would not give him the ladder for the reasons you have stated.

Just tell him to buy the ladder (where the ladder would be his) and give him the money for it if you wish to maintain a good relationship although, I think Kathy2 has given the best suggestion. I did not realise the cleaning kit was so cheap.


Thanks everyone You said what I thought