Tenant moved out stop paying and has my keys


the tennat had given me 30days notice, from Jan 15th but is in a fixed contract until May 2023. They have missed one months rents since Feb 4th.

They have moved out everything and stating they will not give keys until they have their bond back, so I am unable to have viewings.

Can I change the locks and start viewings and give her bond after I have inspected the house.

as I am sure she will dispute the costs deducted from the bond which will take weeks, meanwhile I am losing a lot of money having to pay two mortgages.

update question,
If I wait until the 15th, which was the tennats own 30 day notice period. could i in theory take possessionas they would now be trespassing after that date, or does that mot work

any experience of this guys.

I know what I would do . BUt others will disagree

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every opinion is appreciated

I would change the locks because you damaged entering as you thought you smelt gas . or was it a water leak? then take a load of pics of the place If you know they are living elsewhere they they have abandoned it

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If the tenant is in a fixed term tenancy, they can’t end the tenancy with a notice to quit, so their notice is invalid. The notice wouldn’t be 30 days either. If you want to accept it, that’s a different matter and I believe that you are at liberty to do that, in which case their tenancy would end.

In your shoes, I would write to the tenant (email plus letter plus any other form of communication you have), accepting their notice and confirming that their tenancy will end today 14 February and you will be changing the locks. I would also be applying to retain (all or some of) their deposit in lieu of unpaid rent.

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