Tenant not willing to leave

Hi, I informed my tenant last September that I am planning to sell the house as I am struggling with high interest rates and requested him to start looking for another suitable house. It’s been six months and I didn’t hear anything back and served him with section 21 notice last week. I think this is going to be a difficult battle and I am nervous about litigation. Has anyone here got any experience with alternative dispute resolution and give some guidance please. Thanks.

If you are nervous about courts and legal processes then I suggest you use an eviction company or specialist solicitor to handle it. The fist thing they will do is tell you if your s21 notice is valid so that you dont waste another 6 months.

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Use an eviction specialist. It will save you time and money in the long run,


I have done this section 21 and its not hard - You can do it yourself provided you have paperwork in place - I thought of offering a service like this as advisory actually now that i spent weeks researching it!

Its really not hard to fill in the forms and do it yourself

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Completing the s21 is the easy bit. Its the court process that many landlords will find difficult.

Thanks, good to know.