Anyone Used a Solicitor to Evict

Hi, after some recommendations for a solicitor to take over. Section 21 served and about to expire due to other work pressures I haven’t the time to make sure all the legal paperwork is correct and served to evict the tenant, plus never had to do this before. Anyone used anyone and found them helpful. Got a couple off the internet but looking for recommendations plus I don’t live anywhere near the property. Thanks in advance.

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I use Stewart Bailey at Hibberts

David Smith of JMW is reputable
Anthony Gold specialise in this field

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Thanks I’ll look them up.

Forgot to say the property is in Birmingham would I be best using a solicitor from the same area or doesn’t it matter?


If you think you will need someone to attend court for you then search locally for a housing specialist solicitor

I’ve used Legal For Landlords for the only eviction I have had to serve. They were recommended by The Landlord blog and turned out to be very effective. They served both a section 8 and section 21 notice on a tenant for a fixed fee of around £200 (can’t remember exact figure) and were successful without having to proceed to court.

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I used Solicitors4Landlords to issue a section 21, it did the job thankfully.

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Thanks everyone, I’ve now engaged a solicitor as the tenant made it quiet clear they will not be moving out easily. They know how to play the system unfortunately for us.

Mike Turner secure evictions excellent
Was amazing with eviction of a tenant and very reasonable knows his stuff!!

There are eviction companies that do the same work as a solicitor, day in day out at a fraction of the cost.
Look at (3rd party referral / service removed)

I used a high st solicitors once for eviction and i was about £7,000 down at the end of it. In some ways they were bigger rogues than the tenants. That was equivalent to a months revenues after tax for me so i felt it. The tenant was not right in the head - at first he wanted to be my best friend then everything was wrong, then the flat was his castle and you couldnt get in. He would stay in watching the cctv i had fitted where all tenants could monitor the common areas. When he was evicted he rented a flat next door the other side of the wall. His girlfriend actually tried to rent another of my flats so he could move back to the building, luckily i remembered her.
The council offered him lots of support and he told them sob stories and they were quite aggressive on his behalf
So bottom line follow advice of people above and dont take a high st solicitor at random
Secondly tenants who are “damaged” mentally are high risk. I have had several and it has never ended well. A suicide, another leaving taps on , an arsonist et al. These souls need proper professional care and not just bounced out to joe landlord


The council will bounce them out to us if they can get away with it. You cannot trust them