Tenant provided Bank Statement shall i stop there?

Tenant was very cooperative and provided bank statement asked.

Statement looks genuine. Although not much to see in the statement and something i fear if it looks too good then it might be suspicious.

It has salary in and rent payment and then money moved to another account of their own and keeping the account at a few hundreds.

At this point is there a point to ask further e.g. how much saving do they have and other account etc.?

Also, one other interesting point was tenant has a house but rented out and wanted to rent a flat as they are expecting a baby, is that a red flag?


Danny, I think you asked another question about this T already. Don’t you see what they are doing? They humoured you by showing you a bank statement with their salary. Then they moved the money to another account so that you can’t see their financial committments and outgoings. They seem to be bent on hiding something from you. It is the same T who refused to provide bank statement, to start with, aren’t they?
I’m actually starting to think it’s a wind-up post. I don’t believe that somebody can be that naive.

No it is not the same tenant. If you read the details.

It is a tenant with a verified tag on Openrent, a school principal and a head engineer expecting their first child, at least her belly appeared to be so, both had uni degree and masters with long listed linkedin profile

They told me they own a house but rented out and currently looking to rent a bigger flat. It is quite common even myself moving extra to my own saving account after getting paid that is completely normal. My question is do I need to go further and asking what you shop on your credit card and what each item you purchase? Because doesn’t look like it is necessary.

It may be not necessary. It’s just safer. To be honest, I’d ask them to prove ownership of the house and not just take their word for it.

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Don’t need to, do the reference will show if they lived there and then pay 3 quid to do a land registry.

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If you want to pay £3, that’s fine. That’s the alternative of asking them personally. Do whatever suits you better. The point was to check their ownership.

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Well checked and they own it and even showed me their mortgage payment highlighted on the bank statement. Also showed me the savings, although it only covers for a year from the looks of the numbers.

So far looks good. Well done.

Cheers, proceeding with them looks like this one is done deal.

Although, the only thing that might be a flag to me was the house they are owning which is 20 minutes walking distance away with similar size to my flat so why they want to rent. I noticed it was listed earlier this year to sell, but then ad removed based on zoopla. Also, it doesn’t quite line up to them saying they are renting it out as mortgage payment does not reflect the buy to let ratio with the value of the house.

I give it the benefit of doubt that they were trying to sell but didn’t quite work then started considering other options and possibly renting it out to have flexibility of to fund a rental that suits. Also, they wanted to have a conversation with the landlord (me) on the same level probably exaggerated a bit by saying they are landlord too.

On another point house might actually feel smaller it is the size of the flat and also unsafe for mother who is expecting a baby to walking up and down the stairs or with baby even.

The last tenant in a similar situation living nearby rented out the flat as an airbnb and later evicted. Although at the time they didn’t provide and bank statement and their job is not exactly solid either.

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Funnily enough, the first guy who doesn’t like showing bank statement saying they report me GDPR breach for doing a Openrent Reference without taking them. Surely it would be a mistake to accept this guy making excuses and empty threats trying to get what he wants.

you dodged the bullet here.

yeah thanks for the unanimous recommendation, not only I re-advertised it for a higher rent, now the newly selected tenant’s quality went through the roof with complete openness.

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OMG, you dodged the bullet.

haha yea cheers for everyone who gave the right guidance. Also I later found information of past advertisement of agent advertising their property which the tenant was claiming that they are renting out so all info aligns.

I did not ask for payslip or contract as i think it might make them feel uncomfortable as they’ve provided all statements already. It would made them feel uncomfortable. So on this note I decided to proceed with them.

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