Bank Statements required from tenants

I really think it’s disgusting that Landlords are asking tenants to provide bank statements especially during these times with all the fraud going on …It shouldn’t be allowed by open rent if anyone knows how to make a complaint to them about this could you please reply.

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thats EXACTLY why a landlord may ask for bank statement, especially during these times with all the fraud going on, you do not need to supply an original and can blank out the account number in the first instance, But a landlord needs to check an applicant is not a liar.


I would never provide a bank statement to anyone who I wasn’t sure was a bona-fide landlord and who had the authority to let the property in question. I would also first ask them for a copy of their GDPR Privacy Notice telling me exactly how they will use, store and ultimately delete it. Bank statements are often a necessary means of establishing affordability for a landlord and a tenant who isn’t prepared to share copies of theirs, after the necessary safeguards, may find there are fewer properties available to them.

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Well to be perfectly honest I don’t want them to see what is going in and out of my bank, it’s none of their business. What happened to good old job references or recent landlord references so I completely disagree with you.

Exactly David …Why aren’t references good enough anyway?

thats is your perogotive to hide your ins and outs .Thus limiting your rental chances. Landlord references are not reliable. a landlord can lie in order to get rid of a bad tenant.


I’m pretty sure you can get a kind of statement that just shows the start/end balance for each period. So it won’t show details but will show like:

May 2020- £5000
June 2020- £3400
July 2020- £6000

That gives the landlord an idea of your financial security and ability to budget and that your expenses and income are lined up well.

Black out the account number.

By the way- it is craaaazyyyy easy to falsify bank statements nowadays. Just. As a warning to landlords.

I have no idea why they would do that surely that’s against some kind of regulation

But it’s still a privacy invasion …What if the Landlord is corrupt?

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I’m really not understanding what a corrupt landlord could do with the knowledge you’ve averaged about £4.5k in your account for the last 6 months.

Multiple people have said to block out the account number.

There is no regulation involved in referencing. And frankly it would be incredibly difficult to prove. So yes it’s a reasonable concern.

If you don’t like the process a landlord is using to vet tenants then find another landlord. You aren’t entitled to access another person’s property.


I know of landlords who wanted money for a good reference

References usually are good enough, but in some cases they don’t tell the full story of whether someone can afford the property. I agree its intrusive. So are most of the questions a landlord asks a prospective tenant. Its what landlords have to do to protect themselves. As I said, if you don’t want to give the information, that’s your right, but be prepared to be turned down a lot.


the tenant can askany question about me except my earnings, as they want my property to rent, I am “loaning” my valuable property to them . They can ask my other tenants what I am like !!

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That’s really terrible. Especially if the person was a good tenant and deserved a good reference.

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well in one instance there was no reference from the landlord . He wanted 50 £ off each of the girls for a reference. I saw all the e mails between them , met up with them and I liked them. They have been good tenants.

I’m asking tenants here not landlords so butt out

I bet your butt sticks out further than mine . And I have been a tenant… Chip on shoulder and a tinge of envy i detect.


I’m a tenant and I’m baffled by why you wouldn’t want the landlord’s insight here. The landlord is the one who has to say yes or no.


That should be illegal and prosecutable. Disgusting behavior. :frowning:

no one HAS to show a bank statement they CAN refuse. Butt this may surprise you, I have never asked for a bank statement. Butt tenants have volunteered it . Butt if they did not have proof of income then not going to get anywhere. Butt thats life.