Tenants refuse the contractors for maintenance

Hi everyone

Is there anyone got the experience of tenants refuse to the access to the property for the maintenance work?

This is a first time I have experienced this case and would discuss with other landlords experience.

I know that and sure that for landlord to reply to tenants in writing that since tenant refuse to access the property then any
problems tenants will be liable for that, also for their

Many landlords have this problem, where tenants refuse access. If it is genuinely for maintenance, (and not for improvement) works, then you have a legal right to enter after 24 hours written notice. If the tenant prevents access, you must back off or it will be harassment. In this case, you must apply for a court injunction to force entry.

Unfortunately, you will still be liable and you cannot tell the tenant that its now their liability.

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Hi David

Thank you for reply and advice

Make sure you speak to the council and ask them to get involved.
They have a housing team or a tenant liaison team.
At least if the tenant is trying it on you have evidence you exhausted all avenues before the injunction occurs.
Some tenants report issues and then allege you did not repair it and sue ( they are advised by the morally challenged ambulance chasers not to give you access)