Tenant refuses to sign up to utility companies

my new tenant simply refuses to sign up to utilities although its expressly included in tenancy terms

They have even offered to pay an additional £500 in advance

Clearly some personal problems she is escaping from

She has paid in advance (6 months ) so eviction is difficult

In meantime all utilities decline to take my copy of signed tenancy agreement as evidence of tenancy

Help,legal advice please

A tenant with at least a 6 month tenancy is responsible for the utilities, so the energy providers should accept the tenancy agreement as evidence. If they wont, speak to Ofgem.


you are not responsible to pay. The tenant is, using the previous /existing supplier. I have not heard anything so ridiculous. You always have a fight with suppliers, they probably know something about her that you dont know


If she refuses just say well you can leave and or tell suppliers anyway

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Maybe she is frightened that she will be found by an ex…
Is she prepared to reimburse you if you pay the bills? Sounds possible if she has offered more money and paid in advance.
If you feel you can trust her and she signs a letter declaring her willingness to reimburse,…

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How was her credit checks? Sounds suspicious. And paying upfront is not always a good thing as it can be to mask other issues! Is she ok with council tax?

If she wants to refuse to sign up with utility companies but has signed a contract to take responsibility to do so, then that is up to her. Just let her know when your contract with any utility company is due to end and thus when the utility will cease. This is rediculous! You are a landlord, not a psychiatric social worker for reatards.
My previous experience has been that accomodating the “disadvantaged” only leads to more problems. You have definitely taken on the wrong tenant here.

Agreed. (And here are my 20 characters.)

Get PAYG meters installed.