Tenant refusing to agree on a new increased rent

I am not an experienced landlord hence it has been really difficult for me to know what I can do in the circumstances like:

  • Unauthorised Subletting
  • Smoking inside the house
  • Refusing to agree the new increased rent after two year rent review. Tennant even threatened me saying he won’t pay the rent until he is evicted and it will allow him to stay for 6 months for free.
  • Every month landlord has to chase for rent for the last two years.

Is there a mechanism landlord can utalise to speed up the eviction? Thanks

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I’m sorry to say, but there is no easy or cheap way to get this tenant out. I would serve a s21 notice and accept the fact that the rent is likely to stop. You can pursue them for the arrears after theyve left.

Thanks for your reply. I have done everything by the rule book still facing this kind of issues. They have been living in the property for over 2 years and they only had issues with the kitchen sink tap which I replaced with a high quality tap and I paid over £90.00 for a tap. Just to ensure that my tenant have a quality living experience in my house. The stuff I fitted in my house I fitted everything at the same quality standard in the rented house but still getting this kind of treatment from my tenant. I wonder why!!!

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do not do up a modest rental property to the same standard as your house, you will get no thanks for it


Dont waste any time wondering why. A quick look at the landlord forums will show you that this type of tenant is relatively commonplace.


Hi. Is he subletting a room or the whole house?

Have you given the rent increase on a Section 13 notice?

If so, he needs to follow the procedure that the section 13 states which is that he must apply to the First Tier Tribunal. They will look at similar rents for the area and type of property and can rule an increase, to keep it the same or lower it.

It sounds like he is going to stop paying rent as soon as you issue a Notice to Quit in whatever form this may take or if you get a ruling of a higher rent. Sounds like this is just a matter of time.

Therefore, if you get to increase the rent when you pursue him for the arrears it will be at the higher rate if the Tribunal agree with the increase.

Do you have a clause in your contract for a rent increase?

If he’s subletting you might be able to get him out on a discretionary Ground 12? But he could argue this so you would need proof and as David122 says, the Section 21 may be easier and quicker and cheaper in the long run.

Looks like you are in for a bumpy ride.

Is he on benefits?
Ms T

Just seen on your other post it’s a room he’s subletting.

You can write him a letter about the smoking and subletting is a Breach of Tenancy but doesn’t sound like he will take any notice.

Thanks for your replies. He is subletting a room. The house is a two bed and downstairs has living and dining room separate so he is utilising this as a separete room. Technically he is treating it a 3 bed house. He drives taxi, plus he runs a corner shop. As far as I know he is not on dole. I am going to talk to a solicitor and get a proper advice before I do anything. Hope Solicitor will tell me what would be best way to tackle this. I am not an experienced landlord so not really sure what I should do.