Tenant requested to change room

Hi All,

We have an HMO. One of the tenants who moved in 3 weeks ago requested to change to another room in our HMO. He has signed a 3 months AST contract initially and he is willing to change it to a 6 months AST contract. Do you know what is the process / deed / contract that we need to sign to change the room?

Also, how about the deposit with myDeposit which is assigned to the original room? Do we need to refund the deposit and get the tenant to re-deposit to myDeposit for another room?

Really appreciate if you can let me know what is the right and easy way to do this.


If this is a room only tenancy then he needs to sign a surrender for his existing tenancy and then you create a whole new tenancy for the new room with all paperwork. You will need to refund/re-take the deposit.

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