Tenant signed contract but can't return from Malawi because covid-19 no flights

What do I do?

I have 2 tenants who are friends and just signed an AST for 10 months. One tenant wants to start the tenancy but the other suddenly found out she can’t return in August because she can’t get a flight back to the UK from Malawi. She wants to withdraw from the contract. Neither tenant has taken occupation yet.

Any suggestions on the legal side and practical solution welcome.

Mr Blueberry

ask the one can he/she afford the rent? if not sign surrender and start again

Thanks Colin. Is the ‘surrender’ part of the Openrent AST or it a separate document the tenant needs to sign. Thanks for your help.

Mr Blueberry

I dont use open rent doccuments. Just write out a simple “I surrender the Lease” doccument that they can sign and witness with dates, address and names all sign and agree on

Ok. Will do. Thanks for your help Colin.
Regards Mr Blueberry