Tenant support against Landlords who don't follow the law

I am a servant of tenant issues. Experienced with handling tenant issues with unhelpful landlords. Able to liaise with authorities, departmental and otherwise, including other third parties to help resolve tenant issues where a clear abuse of rights is taking place.

My advice to Landlords: The client’s rent money is not your right, it is for you to earn and be grateful for.

The landlords are more generous than that. We give hundreds of thousands of pounds of our property to the tenant and we ask them to treat it like their own. Unfortunately, some do not.
All tenants are not bad. On the same token, all landlords are not bad. Tenant must know that it is their responsibility to pay the rent on time.
Not having rent causes landlords a lot of difficulty in providing services, maintain good record with the lender, maintain good relationship with the tenant etc.
Unfortunately, the wind is blowing in the wrong direction at the moment and all parties vying for votes are swaying towards the tenants.
Things need to be in balance. Just as there is a black list for landlords, there has to be a blacklist for tenants. I hope you agree.


Thanks for this Greenside. Just wanted to pick up on a point or two.

You’re absolutely right — it’s all about balance.

Well - exactly. There should be a last of landlords who have been convicted, but as we wrote in our newsletter a few months ago, the ‘Rogue Landlord Database’ was discovered to be completely empty despite having been up and running for months.

This frustrates nobody more than good landlords, because the actions of bad landlords seem to go unpunished, while their good work remains unnoticed.

Tenant referencing uncovers things like CCJs. For many landlords, that puts the tenant on a black list. The important thing is that landlords can find this information out and then decide for themselves.

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Funny thing is I had a prospective tenant who earned more than me.But had an undeclared CCJ that he could easily have paid off but didnt, So i couldnt get my head around this He was rejected outright

You can only “blacklist” the tenant when you have spent the money in finding out something bad. But you cant list it up anywhere to warn other landlords. You can only quietly tell your landlords who are mates.