Tenant wants to change rent payment date

Yes you should of worked out on a pro rata basis

I had the same thing happen with a tenant. This was a good tenant so I was okay to show flexibility. He worked out an amount which was a little less than my calculation but at the end of the day I didn’t think it was worth being petty in lieu of goodwill and a good relationship with a valued tenant.

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So many long winded solutions here, keep it simple.

You want regularity of payment date, tenant wants to pay on 1st of month.

Tell him to set up a standing order with his bank for regular payments on the 1st, or whatever date he is sure to be able to make the payment, calculate pro rata the number of days rent due between his current and proposed payment dates and tell him to make up that difference in rent due. So you are not constantly chasing or wondering about his due payment.


Just check each month. Some people struggle with their finances

I had a tenant who always had one reason or another to be late, including being short by a fiver one month (which really scared me if he was that close to insolvent). In the end he didn’t pay his last months rent (his partner came in at the last minute and paid it for him a month late) I later found an unpaid water bill for £1600.

But I have another who struggled with an unexpected bill, and has otherwise been on time every month for 2 years. I’d have no fear of giving her a further chance if she needed.

Everyone deserves a few chances.

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Everyone deserves a few chances.

I’d say it’s rather in the interest of the LL to sort it out peacefully.

@Chris35 - The OP says ‘It’s annoying to say the least, as we have many payments and rely on this money coming in.’ I assumed they want the money paid on time. If they don’t mind it being paid late then your idea works.

I would hope and expect this landlord has enough of a cash flow cushion to survive at least one month delay in rent payments, otherwise they are treading on thin ice…!

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Very professional advice

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@Peter91 Well the advice might have been professional if I’d got the legislation right. How come nobody noticed that I’d written Landlord & Tenant Act 1988 when I should have written Housing Act 1988?

Or did you all notice and were too polite to say anything?

Yeah, too polite. That’s the one. :laughing:

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He probably also relies on his salary coming in for the rent.

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