Tenant wants to keep a pet snake

I have very good tenants, been about 2 years and plan to stay for a long time. Rent on time, property maintained etc.

They want to rehome a pet snake belonging to their family. A 4ft royal python I’ve been told.

I’d hate to say no, but really worried about the snake escaping and all that. They have said they’ll get a good enclosure etc. but I’m not sure yet.

  1. Would you allow a pet snake in your property?
  2. If yes, what sort of things would you insist on?
  3. Do insurance companies frown at these type of pets?

I want to help them as much as I can, but not sure whether it’s something I may regret if anything goes wrong.

Tessa Shepperson has a very detailed page on her website regarding animals and clauses specific to each animal

I wouldn’t

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I know nothing about snakes . I would want to know what seurity arrangements and welfare he would do . Do they grow any bigger?

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I have asked those questions too. So far:

It’s a 4ft royal python - says it’s fully grown. Will stay in an enclosure.

I have asked them to come up with a security and welfare plan in writing. Also, they sent a picture of the enclosure and how they will make it more secure.

Thanks so much.

Not at all.

I would suggest if anyone says pets allowed and please
List it which you fill comfortable and safe.

For me I would just say no pets at all because never know what they do surprise with.

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Maybe worth looking on line and asking questions of snake people what damage to property from keeping a Royal python (name the specific breed) and what could it do to other visitors to the property and also what a responsible owner needs to do to ensure it doesn’t escape and what’s the correct things to have in place etc. This way you could add in a clause to your existing contract/rental agreement on what you expect of them on keeping said animal in the home and even ask for a pet deposit. I think every pet should be looked at individually such as dogs for example a small dog isn’t likely to cause damage to a property where as a large dog that needs lots of care in respect of exercise etc could become board and that’s when they chew through walks and woodwork! And a royal python at 4ft could do more damage than say a grass snake lol


Thanks all. Yes, been doing some research and I also asked them to write up a detailed plan which they have done, covering feeding, care, holidays, escape etc. Which I’m comfortable with.

I intend to allow it, but on the condition that I come to inspect the enclosure before they bring the snake in. And also that it stays in its enclosure when I or workmen are around.

I’m comfortable with this as they are very reasonable tenants that I trust. Also, out of selfishness, I think they’ll stay even longer as they’d struggle to rent elsewhere :sweat_smile:.

I fear snakes myself, but I don’t have to live there, so doesn’t bother me much as long as there’s no escape.


I had tenants with a similar snake, no problems whatsover. The only thing I insisted on was that they provide a seperate fridge for their snakes food - didn’t fancy baby mice in my fridge freezer,


You seem to have covered everything well. Good tenants will appreciate your cooperation. Well done you