Landlords please read

Ok I totally understand why landlords do not want certain things, dss, pets smokers etc, but can I take up the torch on behalf of “some” pet owners.
We are not all the same, despite being given a bad name by equally bad tenants who you wouldn’t want in your property anyway.
There are people who are very responsible. They care for their animals greatly and respect the home they have been allowed to live in to the highest standard. If you meet these tenants and their animals it might give you an idea how good they will be looking after other peoples property. A tenant who has respect for anothe living creature and looks after them well will be worth the risk. Any person you visit who does not look after their animals well will probably not give a dam about your property even with no animals.
Have you ever considered insisting on a stand alone insurance, either included in the rent or along side the rent, to just cover animals and any problems they might bring to the property. It would give more pet owners chance of housing and landlords peace of mind in renting to pet owners. From a dolphin in the bath to a horse in the shed only joking !, you will hopefully sort the responsible owners from the bad and maybe give us consideration at least instead of NO PETS stuck on the advert. It’s very demoralising when you love animals.


Unfortunately, the Tenant Fees Act prevents landlords from requiring tenants to take out a pet insurance policy.

It would be my free will not a requirement

Sure, but at the point that the landlord is looking at prospective tenants they don’t necessarily know that they would offer that. They also wouldn’t have any recourse if the tenant cancelled the policy after the first year.

there you go yet again no pets for me

That is where tenants you can trust become the landlords best tenant. I admit it works both ways. Trouble is so many bad tenants have stuffed it up for genuine people like me who just want a place to call home long term. Security of tenure, ok I know that must be a changed thing, somewhere that allows well behaved pets, and lets face it well behaved pets are usually the product of well behaved people, and a trusting relationship between the landlord and the tenant, aka me. So many bad people have made it so difficult to get that security. For 25 years I had a mortgaged home. No need for details but a monster of an ex leaves me needing a home. Thanks to people not respecting the whole tennant landlord property deal, rented homes with baggage are like hens teeth. I just wish there was a way to prove to a landlord that as a tennant with pets, who are as much family as any person, can be trusted.
Maybe I should look into an old farm … any offers lol.
Thanks for the oppertunity to air my views anyway. Stay safe all.

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I have a blanket ‘no pets’ policy as I, like many, have been burned from past experience

That said, I am in discussion at the moment with an applicant who owns dogs. I have asked for a Deposit of 2x the normal amount, enough to cover replacing all carpets. Obvs if it’s not needed then it’s all returned and so no worries to anyone.

As with everything in life, it’s all about both sides seeing the other’s POV and coming to a an agreement on a workable solution. It does not need to be a ‘compromise’ because the Landlord has no requirement to let to this person. More so an 'easing ’ of restrictions and offering a possible solution which the tenant can take or leave.

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Unless you normally take a tiny deposit this would be in breach of tenant fees act. I agree it is a sensible approach and something I have previously done, but it’s not currently possible.