Tenant wants to take all furniture

I inherited a property- and tenant- when my father died. The property was rented furnished and the tenant has been in 9 years. He is now moving out but wants to take all the furniture with him. He claims my father said he didnt want the furniture, but he has been dead over 4 years and knowing my dad, I much doubt he would have said any such thing. Should I expect to charge him for the items ?

If no evidence assume that didn’t happen. Yours to do what you want.

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Unless they have written proof it’s not their’s
What does your father’s will read?
If you inherited that furniture as part of your fathers estate it’s yours to do as you like.

The cheek of some people

rented furnished means renting the furniture as well. If Dad left no instructions in a will about the furniture, it is yours

After 9 years little of the furniture will have any residual value for claims purposes, so unless youre planning to re-let, I’d just give it to him.

If anything has sentimental value, I’d retrieve that now as is your right to do. Otherwise, it’s a lot easier to let and maintain an unfurnished letting and so letting this tenant take out of date furniture with them is actually doing you a favour.