Tenant working from home in Covid lockdown

The Open Rent AST contract states:
9.15. Not to use the Premises other than for the purposes of a private residence, nor carry on or permit to be carried on upon the Premises any profession trade or business whatsoever, nor use the Premises for any immoral, illegal or improper purposes.

How can this be amended to allow tenants to work from home during lockdown?

If they are only doing the paperwork or on computer there is no problem. As long as they are not repairing the motorbikes in the kitchen.


It depends what the work is Sue, but if its just routine office work then as Colin says, it should be fine and you can just give them verbal or written permission. The clause is there to protect you from a tenant who wants to see clients at the premises, or store product there or use the address in advertisements, all of which would be against your interests and may lead to problems with the local authority and local taxation.

Depends on the nature of the work, as above, but you could give permission in writing or even text message if you wish.
Paperwork, working via a pc, making telephone calls, office type work, remote sales etc should all be acceptable.
There is no need to amend a contract for this reason.