Tenants caused damage (crack) to shower tray

This summer we have renovated our property and fitted an extra bathroom on the second floor. We did inspect the work upon completion, and we lived at the property for two weeks (and definitely used the new shower many times).

The property was let out in September. Last week, the tenants called to complain the shower tray had cracked. This is a new shower tray which was installed in July 2022!

I believe I should charge the tenants for getting this sorted…in the end this is damage caused by them… any advice is welcome

What is the tray made of? Stone resin, plastic, fibreglass?

It is either plastic or fibreglass… not sure!

That is a shame I have fitted dozens over 50 years My first one was plastic . Never again then I fitted stone resin , never had any problems with the trays .On timberwork I ply the room and with a PVC mixy sand and cement I full bed the tray on and let it set for two days. I believe the cheaper plasic ones cannot take the strain , esp if you have a “heavy” tenant


I guess …it’s too late now. I need to decide whether to charge them or not

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It’s probably hard to prove It’s the tenants fault rather than a fault with shower tray. Cheaper shower trays have maximum weight loads of around 350 pounds, (25 stone) so its easy to go over that particularly if they shower together. I dont see that you could use that they are too heavy as a reason for them to pay.


Using the same argument, if two or three well-built tenants were to jump together at one spot in the floor, they can cause damage, which they should pay for it.

Two people showing together will not result in a crack in the shower tray (my belief).

Most shower tray problems are the result of bad fitting and never have a plastic tray !
Have you ever seen a tray in a hospital? Always tiled as they won’t guarantee them .

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@Ashraf1 How can you prove that it wasn’t a badly fitted tray or poor quality? Plastic ones arnt great.

plastic shower trays are not worth the effo…t Stone resin for me every time …If any tray is on timber floor ,that floor MUST be immoveable and probably reinforced underneath