Tenants had smart meters installed

Hi our tenants vacate today and we have just discovered they had smart meters installed, legally they could, but they knew we objected to them in our homes and had refused them. Is there anything we can do about it?

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Can request supplier to operate the meter in dumb mode, which makes it a regular meter effectively.

They can swap meter back but can charge a fee.

Why not see what tenant prefers?

We are moving in ourselves. We asked supplier to remove them and they wont. Didnt know they could opperate in dumb mode so will ask about that. Thanks

I think I replied to myself! See above. Im appalled tenants can legally install smart meters when suppliers are unwilling/refuse to change them back.


At one point, not so long ago, tenants were not able to do this.

They obviously could change supplier but were meant to get permission to change the meter.

We had tenants do the same thing.

Not sure about this, but if you change supplier I think this makes the smart meters become dumb meters too?

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Only happens with version 1 smart meter, version 2 is transferable.

Thank you for clarifying, as I don’t want them either!

I didn’t mind suppliers putting smart meters. Is there particular reason that I should be concerned? I appreciate if you please let me know any disadvantages of having them installed. Thank you.

Hi, there is the privacy issue, they’ll know what you are using when, when you’re home or out. They can cut you off with the flip of a switch and because of the Green agenda blackouts are already occurring in other countries. Our government have phases of blackouts scheduled according to post code area, for when they want to conserve/ration energy. There is a website where you can pop in your postcode to see what day/time 1st phase, 2nd phase etc scheduled blackouts are planned for your area. The phases get progresively worse! With analogue you are not vulnerable to these measures. Also, some people are sensitive to them and suffer health issues. Watching the pounds increase on the monitor makes some people feel anxious and irrational over necessary energy usage, me included!


Thank you for taking time for the explanation. Some interesting points especially regarding cuts.

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Unsubstantiated (yet), but apparently there has been increased reporting of people suffering headaches particularly when there is a high concentration of them such as in flats.

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I’ll just go and get my tinfoil hat!

Can you point us to a reliable source that says they are going to use smart meters for rolling power cuts?

From what I’ve read, if it’s done, it’ll be on a block basis with everyone cut off, presumably from the substations.

After all, they managed it in the 70s with no smart meters and no warnings. At least if it happens now, we will get warnings via text and social media. We survived in the 70s and we’ll survive now!


You don’t need a smart meter to be able to turn you off.

Hope your freezer isn’t fully stocked

Your freezer won’t defrost in a few hours as long as you keep the door shut.


I personally interested in the power cut element which can be realised if the want to. Even then there is an element of unfairness if it is not full on cut and if they single out only smart meters.Regarding headaches, it is some form of wrong perception. Very same people more likely to use mobiles, wireless internet etc. all the time. Data transfer from smart meters does not take place all the time and it is short duration. And exposure significantly reduced by the squared value of the distance. People are exposed more RF signal when they put their mobiles next to their head. I guess they use induction hobs too which expose people to electro magnetic fields.


I agree. I do believe that some people are more susceptible to RF induced headaches. (I’m not one of them). Believe me it took some convincing, I only became more open minded having spent time with a very rational logical person who managed to seemingly create a link with her headaches and wifi router being on.

I think if there’s any effect it’s perhaps combined and person would need to be susceptible to RF to begin with. I’ve read SM emit short bursts repeatedly.

I know the first roll out of v1 smart meters was ridiculous as once you switch supplier they stopped working. V2 are transferable.

Regardless, they are all here to stay!


Regards swapping meters, has anyone had their electricity supplier tell them that the Radio Tele Switch (RTS - often a black box next to your meter) that controls flipping to Economy 7/10 and other multi-rate tariffs will stop functioning at the end of March 2023? This requiring a change of meters anyway if you wish to continue using these tariffs. We’re with Shell Energy and they have been sending regular emails about this for over a year.

My neighbour, despite protests from the Smart meter provider, insisted that they remove the thing altogeather. They agreed to do so. However this takes longer than an insyallation due to the inherant rewiring involved.
But the removal was done free of charge.
They may have feared that he would move to another provider and the meter would probably then go into dumb mode.

Could you send us the website where we can see the scheduled blackouts please?

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