Tenants moved out after section 21, have left a lot of belongings in garage and shed. Plus I am getting a lot of mail for her

Tenant has moved out. She has left the house in a mess. Carpets torn & stained. Painted the sink. Painted the walls to cover damage but a different grey colour so very noticeable.
I know I can claim to keep the deposit but she has left a lot of big items, furniture etc in the garage and shed.
I have given her multiple chances to come and pick them up but she keeps breaking promises. She also let her self in one day to pick the rest of the belonging up which was left in the house after the move out date.
I also keep getting mail for her and some of the envelopes looks like it could be debt collectors or something.

I know the address that she has moved to so can I send the mail on to that address or deliver it myself as it’s just down the road or send back to senders telling them she doesn’t live here anymore?

Plus can I deliver the rest of the belongings she has left at my property to her new property and leave it on her drive or something? I know that probably isn’t the best thing to do but I need it gone and then at least I have actually given back to her instead of throwing it away.

Plus regards to the letter I can put “return to sender not longer at this address”
But also should
I write the new address on the envelopes so that the companies etc sending the mail now will know her new address?

tell the debt collectors her new address. Take all her gear and dump it at her new place. Find new Landlord and tell him what she is like.


And change the locks !


It would be risky to just leave her stuff on the drive of her new home as if they are damaged or stolen, (or she claims they are), then she could sue you for the cost under the Interference with Goods Act.

Your tenancy agreement should tell you how long you have to keep them for and as long as you make strenuous efforts to get her to collect them, you can dump them at the end of that period.


As regards her stuff if you know.where she has moved to would it be worrh pushing a note through just saying
Any belonging left in… after (pick a date) will be disposed of by myself anything that you want or.need to keep please arrange with me to have removed before this date
As for the letters if they ARE from debt collection agencies (and sometimes Googling the return address will tell you) simply write on no linger at this address now at since and I would put the date she officially left your premises failing that if you think it may have a negative impact on your property ring the comoany explain and tell them her new address and the date she moved out


I agree with Gary…and absolutely change the lock!

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I had similar… Do you have check in check out reports wiht pics and writing to back up each thing? If yes go to deposit scheme and start the process for the full deposit plus you need to itemise each claim, backed up with receipts, its a very hard process! I’ve heard you should charge storage for items - back date it to day 1 and add this to your claim… for ref we use storage about a garage size its 300 a month! The deposit scheme will hopefully award you the full deposit plus the excess - this is what I was awarded. then MCOL - I am still in court and i was awarded the full desposit plus the excess in May 2023- the courts are part of the problem here, backed up and the system is broken plus you have to pay at each step of filing & hearings - I am up to paying for hearing #3 now. If the person really has no money - you cant get money from them - bear this in mind.

that’s all you need to do. No obligation to let them know forwarding address at all and in any case, without her permission, that would be a breach of privacy.