Tenants painting before moving out but not letting us check the house

Our tenants are moving out next week on the 15th of March 2023, the new tenants are moving in on the 16th of March 2023, however the old tenants started some works in the house, they are not allowing anyone to check the situation as the works are not complete. We have been really trying to approach and suggest that we are happy to help, as it is our own property. We are worried that the property may not be left in a good condition, and we won’t have enough time before the new tenants come on the next day.
Also, we have booked check out and inventory and check in on 16th in the morning as we do not know when we will get the keys on 15th yet.
Any help or advise appreciated! Thanks

you should have left a couple of days in between tenancies. What if they do not move out? Or work is rubbish?


in your contract do you allow your tenant to decorate? the only reason they would paint before they move out is to restore it to the original condition, i.e. they must have already painted it once since moving in and now they try to restore it to get their deposit.

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Big mistake to commit to new tenants when the old ones still havent gone imo. What happens if they have a last minute hitch and dont move out?

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You really should not have agreed that date for new tenants to move in.

The old tenants moved out in February and they know new are moving on 16th. The problem is that they do not let us check the status of our own house… We are planning to try one last time by sending them an email and fingers crossed it works. Legally they should allow access with 24hours notice, right?

in your first post you said they are moving out on 15th of march???

We always leave a month between tenacities to fix everything but this time as they moved in Feb we thought we would prefer to have someone move in asap so we don’t transfer all bills to us and then back to the new ones…

You mean they have left but you cannot get back in to a vacated property?

If you mean that they moved out but the tenancy hasn’t ended, (ie they’re still paying rent), then why didn’t you, (don’t you) offer to end the tenancy early?

This is confusing. So they have moved out and still have the keys. I assume the tenancy doesn’t end until 15th March even if they are not living there.
It actually doesn’t matter. They can still refuse entry.
Don’t ever market a property until you are sure the tenants have surrendered it properly.
You may now be faced with very angry prospective tenants whose time has been wasted. If they have signed a contract you are in trouble if you have no access to the property.

I agree with you, but stuck in this position where every year when Tenants move out we end up renovating and then marketing the house and when the tenants are found, they need a month to move in, so overall 7-8k lost in rent in refurbishment at the best…
I am planning a friendly reminder that I will send today but not sure if this will offend them.

Because the house was messed up a lot and very dirty!! So they promised to paint and professionally clean… and they give us keys on the 15th.

They move out in February and live in their new flat, but they had to return your house in the initial state, hence they had these 2 weeks to renovate… we tried to check how the renovation was going but they do not want to let us in until their official move out date when they return keys (15th)

Yes correct!! That’s the day they return the keys, however they do not live in the house since end of Feb but we are refused access

Yes, they are restoring to original state, where the house was clean :))

I think it is likely the property will be in a bad state when you enter. Tenants pretty much never keep their promises, I always assume they will not do and proceed with that in mind.
Have you signed and agreed the move in date for new tenants ? You may be faced with the cost of housing them elsewhere while you get the property sorted if they have no flexibility at their end. Start that conversation now, you may be lucky.
And I do feel your pain. Our own tenancies seem to last 1-2 years before they move on, which is unfortunately just enough time so a fair amount of remediation needs doing even for the best tenants. I find they simply do not clean which takes its toll and these are carefully chosen families of good character.
Cutting corners to try and minimise void periods will likely cost you more in the long run though.