Tenant Turnover: The End of Tenancy Checklist

Originally published at: https://blog.openrent.co.uk/tenant-turnover-the-end-of-tenancy-checklist/

When one set of tenants moves out, it’s time for new tenants to move in — hopefully without too much of a gap in between. Managing the turnover of tenants is one of the most important and time-consuming parts of being a landlord. You should have three objectives in mind. Firstly, you want to close…

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An important step , where possible, is to undertake an inspection 3 weeks prior the final check out. This allows all parties to agree what needs doing to have a successful final check out.

If works need doing, most tenants are reasonable and will allow some of these to be done before moving out, leaving any Landlord jobs in any void or changeover period to be kept to a minimum. It also reduces the length of any void period.

Of course if major works or damage is observed the landlord can search and schedule contractors in advance to ensure the minimum rental downtime. Also quotes will be quickly available where the tenant is responsible.