Tenants want to end before break clause activated!

Hi, i have had tenants at my property since April 2023. They recently renewed their yearly contract 23 days ago for this year. They have just informed me that they would like to move out and end the tenancy early. I am aware the break clause gets activated after 4 months. This is the first time i am dealing with this issue. Can anyone please suggest what i can do? Also they want to leave on June 1st which isn’t the two month notice period anyway.

Can I take any kind of penalty fee from them and is there a specific amount i.e: 2 month rent etc…

Personally, if I were the Landlord, as long as a tenant gives a months notice, I’m happy. They have been there over a year, so the problem is only an administrative one (ie new AST signed instead of allowing the tenancy to go periodic, which would have given the tenant more flexibility.

That said, its up to you how you want to deal with it. You could hold them to the terms of the contract you have signed or negotiate and agree that they maintain rent until the 2m notice or longer if you wish.

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I would let them go, although you could ask them to pay rent until a new tenant is in place. This is one of the reasons why I dont recommend renewing tenancies, because the benefit ends up bejng all one sided. I would suggest that in future you just let them go periodic.

Thanks sorted closed the agreement, as they were good tenants too

Thanks David for your advise, sorted closed the agreement, as they were good tenants too