Tenants wants to pay landlord separately


New tenants who are about to move in (round 2 weeks time) want to pay the monthly rent separately. They are married and the tenancy is under both their names.

From a landlord point of view I’d absolutely want it to come from one account.

What I would like to know what is the risk of them paying from 2 separate accounts? What risk is there to me if I accept the tenant’s request?

Thanks in advance.

You obviously would NOT put anything like that in the contract. They are jointly and separately liable for the whole rent.

If they pay half and half it has nothing to do with you and is a matter for themselves. Sure, you’ll get two payments into your account instead of one each month but that’s not a problem.

yes correct. no plans to put that in the contract at all.

Many thanks for the response, crystal clear and understood

They are wanting to be able to show how much they are each putting into the ‘relationship’ in case there is a separation then arguments later on .

Why do you need it to come from one account? What difference does it make to you? If they are both tenants then the legal position is the same regardless of whether both pay toward it.

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