4 tenants 1 bad credit

Hi we are 4 ppl applying for a tenancy agreement 2 couples aged 20-24.
total net income of £6000 a month.

3 applicants have excellent credit and one is poor but has been increasing recently (was impacted due to covid). But Job now permanent and is paying back monthly.
I would like to know from a landlords point of view would you accept?

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seems ok to me depends how much the rent is per month

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the rent is £1200PCM

that seems a reasonable ratio to me As long as you do not fall out with one another !!. each landlord will have their own criteria


Sounds fine to me as you are all liable for wholevrent if one doesnt pay so that shouldn’t be an issue.

As your arrangement would be classed as a house of multiple occupation some landlords may not want to do that due to hmo requirements but some will.

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do you understand what joint and several liability means?

I replied on your other post.

The income and Tenant profile would be ok with me subject to the usual referencing so long as you were all on a single Joint & Several liability AST.

Something else to consider here is that a number of people have commented on here and offered advice to you including further issues to consider and you have not responded or thanked anyone in five days. A Landlord needs open and clear communications with their Tenants and if I did not receive a response from a potential Tenant for five days that would be enough to rule them out for me. A Tenancy is a relationship and relationships that work are two ways.


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