Landlord bank account changes


I had a query regarding landlord changing bank account information…
Suppose at the start of the tenancy if you are asked to pay into another account belonging to the landlords son, is that ok? The name on the agreement is the landlord but the account belongs to son or say a family member, is that normal?
Does this make any difference? And is this an issue for tenant ?
Also, suppose in a few months the landlord asks to change this again to another account is that ok?
If it is in writing, is that acceptable?

It shouldn’t be an issue for the tenant but you need to make sure you have something in writing signed by the landlord instructing this.


Also would it be normal for there to be a clause in the agreement stating first X months rent goes to XYZ who may or may not be related and then going forward the rent goes to landlord account ?

Or the agreement should just start from the day the payment goes to landlord account?

Always any changes about payment details etc or anything get it in writing and signed by all parties and attach to the tenancy agreement as the proof.

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I think the clause would be ok, but the tenant should probably be reminded when the change-over is due