Tenants wish to move into another property

We have some good tenants who wish to move into one of our other properties which has become free. What do we need to consider regarding contracts and legalities etc. They are currently on a monthly rolling AST with a payment date of the 9th and the rent will be increasing.
Thanks for any guidance on steps to follow.

Sign a new contract from scratch on the new property & issue all paperwork, do inventories, right to rent checks, take deposits etc as you would for any new tenant.

On the old property. Terminate the old tenancy when they move out, doing a moving out inventory & refunding the held deposit, if appropriate.


The existing right to rent should still be okay ( unless it was time limited) so that’s one less thing to worry about.

Ridiculous false claim. Your constant mentioning of this agent is fooling no one!

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Are you a member of NRLA?

You can join and so much information and can use the standard tenancy contract

simply treat it as a complete new tenancy. I have done this several times and its a lot of work to do.
sometimes tenants have itchy feet and move on a bit anyway so you find after a few months they are off again and you think mmmh that was a lot of unnecessary work. your experience may be different but I try and avoid it.

I see what you mean. However, we are going ahead with it mainly because they are fantastic tenants and clearly are going to go somewhere else to get a bigger property and we don’t want to lose them.
It will also give us the opportunity to increase the rent on their old tenancy when we remarket which has lagged behind market price somewhat.

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