Tennant has left and dumped a car on my property

Hello all,
My tenant has left my property and dumped their car in my parking space. The car has not tax or MOT and is full of their belongings as it looks like they were using it as a garage.
The tenant will not reply to any text messages, phone calls or emails.
Any I dea what I can do to quickly remove the vehicle with the minimum amount of hassle and expense?

tell them if they do not move it within 30 days you will have scrapped and taken away

Thanks for the reply.
How do I go about scrapping it? Handbrake is on, it’s locked and it’s full of their stuff.
Is it legal for me to do that?
Knowing this couple, they will sue me for breaking in and stealing their property etc.

you must wait a month You can remove their stuff from your land . .If it was my problem I would drag it out onto the highway and leave it there. It will then come to the attention of the police ,somehow? I have big strong mates and a towbar. . Who put it there? I do not know.

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I t might be less than a month for a car Check with the L A . Contents likely the month . There has to be a way into the car to remove the goods safely . Depends who you Know !!

I don’t know anyone who could/would do that sort of thing.
Who is L.A ?
If I get it scrapped, presumably I can keep the scrap value as they owe me three months rent?

Local Authority. The Council. You can Google all this for a comprehensive answer

I have known people get some mates together and push it onto the public highway and then report it so that its towed away. Obviously I couldn’t recommend that.

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An untaxed car on a public highway will first be “clamped” for a few weeks before being taken away, unless it is causing an obstruction. So if “a few mates” push it onto a highway put it somewhere it doesn’t obstruct or they will investigate. If not obstructing they will act very quickly, within a week of reporting in my experience.

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Surely no deposit could be returned before this issue is resolved

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