Terminating a tenancy after 2 weeks

I need some advice please. I am a new landlord. I used OpenRent to find a tenant for my house. Once I had found a tenant we met and discussed finances. She asked if the contractual move in date could be at the end of the month (27th September) for salary reasons, but then asked if she could get the keys 12 days before in order to set the house up as she would like it. We agreed she could, paying 12 days’ rent. I gave her keys and have the receipts and texts confirming this.
Today I have received a phone call from her ex-partner saying she can’t afford to take the house.
I can return the deposit to her once I have the keys, but am I obliged to pay back the rent she has paid according to the Open Rent contract (27/09 - 26/10/20)?
I do not make any money out of the renting of my house.

give everything back and learn a lesson.

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At least she has told you. You would have lost a lot more if she had moved in and then decided she couldn’t afford it. You may have dodged a bullet.

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Thank you. Good to put a positive spin on it.

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jo115 Hi If you dont make any money renting out your house why do it ,with all the risks involved ? There is no point being in business and not making a profit

Hi Colin,

maybe Jo meant she didn’t anything from that particular tenant messing around? Just how I interpreted it. Either way not good!

Not sure what evidence you asked of this tenant to assess affordability Jo but if you are a new landlord perhaps ask an experienced landlord to tell you what they ask for to prevent it happening again?

Mr t. you may well be right. she may let us know

Yes she may reply.
I always wonder about the outcome to these tales of woe but often don’t get to hear how things ended unfortunately

You had a call from the ex-partner? What has he to do with it at all?

Just seen on another post from Jo that she said she didn’t make anything from renting out her property so your interpretation was correct

Well observed.
Was it helpful or determined to be a hindrance?

Thanks for the replies. I do not wish to make a business out of being a landlord. I found a wonderful job 200 miles from my property and decided to relocate in oder to take up the opportunity. I thus needed to rent my house out in order to pay for rented accommodation closer to my new job.
Let’s close this. I have indeed learnt my lesson on several fronts.

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