The outside door handle on my bathroom door has fallen limp

My bathroom door handle on the outside is no longer turning the mechanism to open the door. I had to unscrew it all to get in there. I’ve put it back three or four times and I can’t work out what the problem is. Letting agents can’t get anyone out to fix it because of covid. I’ve attached

pictures, don’t know how helpful they’ll be or if anyone will be able to suggest anything but I just can’t work out why it won’t work. The handle is just spinning limp around the ring.

have you taken off the other side as well? latch in centre of door ok ? are the springs in the door handle each side working ? the handle should spring back even when off the door

from the other side is fine. ive taken it all off and put it back together a few times. i cant see any springs, the handle that isn’t working just has a hollow interior. only thing it looks like is that the mechanism isn’t coming through far enough for the outside handle to turn it.

that was going to be my next point . sometimes a fitter cuts the centre bar too short. it gradually moves along into the other handle so you need a longer square bar. they come in slightly different section sizes. I have plenty spare as a joiner. so ask around., in your area. I dont think you can buy them seperately

ok, thanks. what would have caused it to break if this is the problem, though? why would it have been working before and not now? It doesn’t look like any of it has broken off or anything.

No I didnt say the bar had broke, it may have been a bit too short in the first place and just catching both sides. then with constant use it slides into one handle and not the other handle.

I agree with Colin, I would suggest you pull the shaft out with a pair of pliers , pack some paper into the hole to force the shaft along a bit and reassemble, hopefully the shaft will be back in position and touching both handles.
Good Luck.:wink:

Yes it’s your latch not working correctly just remove the doorhandles and spindle and on screw the latch and just pull it out as you don’t really need the handle at all as you can put your finger in the hole where the latch was and pull it as it is a bathroom lock so you can just live on the bathroom lock for now and it’ll all be good you can even leave the outside handle attached to the door so no one can see in so just one internal handle removed and a spindle including the latch

This is obviously assuming that it is a separate latch as to the bathroom lock however without you showing a picture of the edge of the door I cannot be absolutely sure, if at the edge of the door it is one continuous lock then it would be a bathroom sash lock and therefore you would need to remove the bathroom lock part as well as the handle part and both spindles so you can pull the whole thing out you could always use a bit of string where the holes are to pull it shut or anything as a makeshift for now but usually these faults only occur in a latch when the latch is on its own and this is just usually due to the latch mechanism or the spindle being slightly too short as I saw someone mention However you needn’t worry about any of that just unscrew take out and let the landlord deal with that issue when he can