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Hi. I have my first tenant leaving the property this weekend and a new tenant moves in the weekend after. The week break gives time for a clean, small maintenance jobs and inventory reports. But what do I do about the council tax and utility bills for that week? Do I have to register with the providers to pay the small amounts incurred that week? I’m sure there is a simple process but I just can not find the answer anywhere!

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you pay for days inbetween Some councils give a months grace . Ask them

Thanks Colin. So the same for energy companies too? I have to set up an account for the sake of a few days? Would you ever try and arrange something with the new tenant to be set up earlier and rebate them or is that not advisable?

It is a pain with the energy companies If the tenant agrees try the latter, for just a few days the energy companies will probably want to send you a bill for the few days . They can be a pain to deal with

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You’re not just setting up an account for the sake of a few days, you’re notifying the utility suppliers and CT office of the comings and goings of tenants so that you don’t become liable for their debts.


Its really is not a big job. When tenant moves out I email energy company telling them, asking for future bills to be sent to me. When new tenant moves in I email asking them to send future bills to new tenant. Hence, I receive a bill for afew days inbetween. For water I used LandlordTap to notify, and for Council Tax an email to them too. In the grand scheme of being a Landlord, simples.


You really should register for the week. It crystallises any debts from old tenants and usually they take the new tenant move in date at the same time.


I’m with David122 and lucinda5. Its a pain but gives ultimate protection against tenant’s debts.

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