Tips please renting property in Liverpool

Hello, Im visiting Liverpool from 27/2-4/3 in the hope of viewing 2/3 bedroom accommodation to rent. Can you give me any tips on the best way to do this. I realise I will have to try to be first to view as properties go quickly I’ve heard. Any help appreciated. Are there any sites/sources where landlords put properties ie not through an agency? any help appreciated.

No different than any other city check all agent .s Rightmove and open rent. What area in Liverpool are you looking at?

And, if applying through Openrent, answer the questions actually asked properly and honestly.

I’ve had one this week with income of £0, one with 3 adults working full time, apparently, with total income of £1,400pm and one with £60k+ of monthly income. Another whose income went down when I asked more detailed questions.

One who, when asked for a full name, just gave me their first name which didn’t match to the name on the account.

Doesn’t make you want to rent to someone when they can’t give a straight answer.

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