Anyone else having trouble letting their property?

My property has been advertised on here for a little over a week, and I’ve only had 1 enquiry, and they cancelled a few hours later.

Is anyone else having similar issues?

Hi Georgina12,

Not had that experience. I was inundated with enquiries. The first couple said the place was too small as they would be working from home for the foreseeable future. The second couple went home and paid a deposit probably because they knew there were several viewing lined up. Basically the house went on the first day.
Can I suggest that you check out the area, ie what’s available, level of rent, condition of neighbouring properties etc. Good luck

People also want something for nothing. So a low rent just about market value will let quicker than a fair rent or one at the top of fair. It’s always worth holding out if you can afford too.

Hi Georgina,

We are looking for a property. What type is it you have?

Kind regards,
Cheralyn and Jimmy

Hi Cheralyn,

It’s a bedroom in a shared flat, in Poole. Where abouts are you looking?

Blimey lol…we are in East Yorkshire.

Never mind x

Hi Georgina

Yes I have find it rental is slow and even I allow
anyone with any benefits. I had a few enquires and when you ask certain important questions before any viewing
and then they donot want to answer and then do nor
reply messages, calls, text

All the best. Hopefully you will find someone.

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enyone with the 3-4 bed house in liverpool merseyside

I have been inundated with enquiries. I know its due to accepting Housing benefits. I have now given the property to a property management company who deal with rent guarantee schemes.

We had 39 requests in 2 hours.
Now the problem of working through them.
I think I may have to pick a few and see how it goes

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Hi Clare
Iv gone back to the enquiries who have answered the questions I put in the tenant screening box.
Iv also asked if they can get the Housing benefit paid to me.
Anyway it’s now with the property management company who offer rent guarantees. No voids in
the rent as well.

I an new to letting as well, and like Georgina, I only have one person asking and then never comes bak to me.

@Monica6, many apologies, hoes does rent guarantee work? I have seen that OpenRent does not offer it at the moment due to Covid-19. Do you know who rent guarantee work and weather it is helpful ?
I have a tenant from somewhere else, she is on benefit and he is working in a restaurant, I am afraid if he may lose his job due to the lockdown and restriction and have been thinking about rent guarantee. thank you for your help.

Hi Sung
I went via property management company who guarantee your rents on a monthy basis. The property management company are my tenants, and they let the property out to corporate clients. They also work with local housing authorities. i signed up with them today, I don’t have time to manage the house, so this scenario is ideal. I have done it before, so I know its the best scenario for me.
I also get the full rent I advertised.

Hello Monica,

Thank you for your message and the information, it is very helpful and I really appreciate your help.
I may have to do the same as I am worried about getting g the wrong tenant and get myself in a bad situation
Much appreciated

Hi Sung

You are welcome. Look at the local council website and see if they recommend any property management agencies.
If not there are plenty around.
Let me know if you need any more help.
Good luck.

Thank you so much Monica, I will look at the local council website and fingers crossed I can find a good one. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Hi Sung
You are very welcome.

I concur. This has mostly been my experience on this platform. I wonder whether it is the case for others with Properties in London.