Training forum/ rent review

Hi all

I’m after some advice please:

1- firstly, can anyone recommend any particular landlord training platforms so that I can be fully up to speed with the plethora of regulations?

2- secondly, pending this, I would like to review the rent on one of my properties which is well below the market rate and currently loss- making after the mortgage renewal. I increased it last slightly but thought it fair to not increase by a lot in one go. Am I still able to give a month’s notice to the tenant or is this longer now? Last year I just notified them via a text message. Does this now need to be more formal?

Many thanks

Join a landlord association. They have all the documents you need and some good foundation training courses.

Thanks David. Any particular one you’d recommend?

There arent too many around. I’m a member of the Narional Residential Landlords Association, which is the largest.

Thanks. Do you think joining is enough or should I also aim to do the landlord fundamentals course? I’ve spoken to them and they said it’s helpful for accreditation. I don’t think my council needs this. Should I do it anyway? I’ve been a landlord for 5 years now without any problems but just need to make sure I’m not missing anything.

Yes, I would recommend this course having done it myself. I guarantee there will be things in there you dont know about.

Thanks for your advice. I’ll go ahead and book.

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