Tree maintenance

I was just hoping for thoughts on tree maintenance please. I have just had a text from a tenant saying that a neighbour had been round to say that the tree in our garden was blocking light and wanted it to be cut back. The tenant said that they were only renting, but she would give their number to me, the landlord. The contract says that trees and shrubs should be maintained by the tenant. Should I be paying to have the tree cut or getting the tenant to pay? Thank you.

If your contract reads it is the tenant’s responsibility then so be it.
However how large was the tree when they took on the tenancy and how long has it been there and how long has it been blocking light. The tenant may argue that the issue is longstanding and not their issue
You could let the neighbour do their side at their own cost

It would probably hinge on the exact wording of the contract, but the tenant can argue that what the neighbour is asking for is beyond routine maintenance.

You may not be obliged to comply with the neighbours request or you could perhaps suggest that the tree is cut back at his expense.

Thank you for your response. The neighbour is happy to share the cost.


I do think it would be unreasonable for you to expect a tenant to pay for this. General tree maintenance is fine but if it has grown that big to cause issues it should be down to the landlord (and I am a landlord)

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It isn’t that big a tree. It was maintained by the previous owner of the property and the tenant has been in 18 months. The contract was provided by openrent. I presume it’s there standard contract. I don’t want to be unfair though.

Probably worth negotiating with neighbour and sharing cost. Good relations are worth a little expense.