Tricky New Tenant circumstances?

Hi I want to let my property to a lady. She has just returned to the UK after living abroad for 8 years, her family are all very local and willing to act a guarantors. She has a young child and has just separated.

Her rent will be paid by housing benefit and she also gets maintenance payments, she is actively interviewing for jobs.
I really liked her and want to give her a break.

How can I reference her ? she has no job and has just returned to the UK?
I want to get landlord insurance so need to have referenced her …

Hi Rebecca, you can order referencing on this page:

You will need to reference her and her guarantor. If the guarantor passes referencing then you will be able to access our Rent Guarantee Insurance policy. You will receive an email after the referencing is complete about how buy the insurance, which is just £89 per year and guarantees your rental income.

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I would rather stick my hand in the fire and gift my cash to the homeless people than to take that on, hats off to you for even considering such a situation and good luck.

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I won’t take her either. No job. It is tough enough to find a job not alone saying with a young child with child care issue. How do you know she won’t just live off the beneift and maintenance. With a young child, you have limit power to move her out if she doesn’t pay. How do you know she just tried to get the landlord evict her then apply for a house benefit for her and her child? Sorry I know most of the tenants are good but you need to be carefully to protect yourself out of the above headache situation.

But with gurantor, if gurantor passes the check, as the open rent staff said, you might be okay to get your rent on time. I personally never take someone with gurantor. Just too complicated if needed to go to court. I am sure you will find someone else more suitable as your tenant.

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