Trustpilot reviews

Hi first time on here. I’m a landlord and I consider myself a good one. I am therefore very perturbed that your reviews on trustpilot seem to be higher for landlords and very poor for tenants. Why are tenants so frustrated and unhappy about your services. Main issue seems to be the checks either certificate or referencing. Can anyone on the forum shed some light. I don’t want to use a service which will cause hardship or difficulty to anyone on my behalf. That’s just irresponsible. “I’m alright jack” is not something I believe is the right way to live.

Each person is entitled to their opinion
I have had seventy enquiries on a property but tenants don’t get through checks
The website is serving its purpose but it’s the tenants that fall short
I have successfully rented through this site but usually after multiple enquiries one or two tenants meet your criteria
In my opinion, I have not had a problem with this site as a landlord but would say the tenants that apply may see it differently

I’ve always been happy with openrent but only use it for generating tenant enquiries and the AST. It is the landlords responsibility to manage tenant relationship and some of the reviews are to do with poor landlords which is outside of their control. If you are a good landlord I’m sure your prospective tenants will have a good experience.

Also, I think reviews from landlords will be generally better as they make large savings so will be more likely to write a good review. From a tenants perspective if things go well all open rent has done is put them into contact with a landlord so why bother to write a review on that so most presumably dont whereas if a landlord rejects their enquiry they are likely to be annoyed and write a review, even if it’s not really openrent fault.

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